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  • When and where should I leave my empty tank for exchange?
    Please leave your empty tank by your front door or front porch as soon as you place your order. Our driver will pick it up from there and leave you a full tank in the same spot. This ensures the safest and quickest delivery for our clients and drivers.
  • Exchange Tank vs. Spare Tank - What's the difference?
    Exchange Tank: When you give an us empty tank and we exchange it for a full one. The cost of this transaction is lower since we take your empty tank back with us. Spare Tank: When you buy a new full tank without exchanging an empty tank. This transaction is more costly than an exchange tank, but we do provide very competitive prices for our clients!
  • Are the SAME DAY and NEXT DAY DELIVERIES available in my area?
    We deliver 7 days a week from 9 am to 7pm. Most of our orders are delivered NEXT DAY, however if place your order before 11 am , chances are you'll recieve your tank the SAME DAY. Ordering earier in the day increases our ability to accomodate you SAME DAY.
  • Should I be home to get the delivery?
    Much like UPS or FedEx package delivery, you do not need to be home to recieve the delivery.
  • When can I get a delivery?
    We deliver 7 days a week. Most deliveries are completed before 4 pm on a scheduled day, but if we have not delivered to you by that time, we are still on our way. We start our days early to get you your tanks as soon as we can. To avoid having a missed delivery, you must have your empty tanks out by 9 am on the day of the exchange. We do not deliver on major holidays.
  • I forgot to leave my tank out. What should I do?
    Please contact us at (248)-809-1700 to reschedule your delivery. The earlier you call, the better, so we don't have to drive out to your address. Denpending on the timing, we may work with you to reschedule for another day.
  • How can I determine if the propane tank is empty?
    Every tank has a TW “tare weight” on it which is the weight of the tank when it's empty. It is 18 lbs for most tanks. So, if the weight of your tank is at its TW, then your tank is empty. If the weight of your tank is above its TW, then your tank still has propane left.
  • Will I get money for the gas left in my tank?
    Unfortunatly, no, we cannot credit clients for non-empty tanks. It just isn’t practical. Our recommendation: have a spare tank so that you only have to exchange the tank when it is empty to get your money's worth.
  • How much propane do I have in my tank?
    Our tanks are inspected and precision-filled with a minimum of 15 pounds of propane, which is the industry standard and is the same as cylinders sold at nearly all large retail outlets.
  • Do you also connect the tank to the unit?
    We do not offer the service of connecting the tank to the unit at present. We only deliver the container to your front door or front porch.
  • What about exchanging a damaged, rusty, or expired tank?"
    Not a problem - we do exchange expired and damaged tanks. If your tank is expired or damaged we refurbish it in our shop for no extra charge.
  • The valve is open on the tank. Am I losing gas?
    OPD (Overfill Prevention Device) tank valves are designed to prevent gas from escaping unless the valve is engaged with the grill hose. Gas cannot escape from the tank, even if the valve is left open. However, always make sure that the valve is in the off position when you are connecting the tank.
  • Can I exchange a tank that I purchased from another provider (ex. Blue Rhino, Amerigas)?"
    Yes, we exchange all standard bbq grill size tanks.
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